The area surrounding Castello di Modanella is known for its natural spas and one such place is located very near in Rapolano Terme called San Giovanni. Castello di Modanella offer discounted day passes. You can visit the spa website here - so if you’re in that relaxed state, this is the place for you.

I'm sure when you think of Italy you think “food, drink and shopping” and Tuscany is renowned for its great scenery and fabulous cities where you can do all three. Castello di Modanella is right in the heart of this being 30 mins from Siena, an hour from San Gimignano, an hour and a half from Florence and 2 hours from Pisa - all fantastic! If you don't get time to incorporate any of these cities then never fear, as our wedding ceremony will be in Lucignano, which is an amazing medieval fortress city.

As for food and drink, Castello di Modanella is just down the road from the famous Chianti country (look out for Hannibal Lecter). Great food can be easily found - even the local convenience store has great cheese, meats and Spumanti. The countryside is very picturesque, especially if you go on one of the many wine tasting tours on offer in the region. Still if the wine's that good, you won't care what the scenery's like…

There are a couple of great outlet villages in close proximity to Castello di Modanella, one being “The Mall” (the name being a giveaway), featuring stores such as “Gucci”. If this is too far to go and you still really feel the desire to “buy, buy buy” then there is an even closer outlet in Sinalunga (10 min drive away from Castello di Modanella). But why shop when you're in this great region? Frankly, all you'll need for the weekend is your swimming costume and wedding get-up!

Other activities:

For those of you with a desire for something more energetic there are tennis courts and tennis for dwarves (table tennis). The two lakes on the Castello di Modanella estate are available for fishing all year round. Also there is 400 hectares of woodland which offers a unique opportunity for walks in the woods. Mountain Bikes are available on request.

For those of you who can be bothered, there are also a few golf courses in the region with the nearest being Golf Club Esse (Bettolle) with 9 holes. This is 20 kms away from Castello di Modanella.

Horse riding in the area is common. The nearest place to Castello di Modanella is about 10 kms away they cater for experts (Melvyn Steer) or lessons for beginners. So if you’re like Nick and his Dad Melvyn, then you'll love this activity. However if you don't like having your nuts lodged into your rib cage then we suggest you give this a miss. Either way, this activity can be arranged when you get to Castello di Modanella, or save your money and Nick will happily kick you square between the legs - both experiences offer the same effect.

Now if you’re an early riser (don't be rude), have an adventurous streak and want to witness the Tuscan countryside from a different perspective then you might be able to enjoy a nice Balloon Ride. Again we can enquire through Castello di Modanella if this is something you'd like to do.

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