Thursday 7th June

Let’s get it started!

On Thursday we shall be welcoming the majority of our guests, so it will be a relaxed afternoon and evening the main focus being to settle people into their apartments and perhaps an opportunity for a swim or sunbathe and a bite to eat. Once everyone has unpacked and got their pool gear on, then we can start the party. In the early evening we have planned a BBQ for all our guests by the pool with a few drinks - not too much though, it's not our hen and stag do!

Friday 8th June 2012

The big day!

A relaxing morning for most, except for Kerry who will be getting ready. This could therefore mean a stressful time for the bridesmaids and her parents.

Nick will be stressed out because he’ll have to put on more clothes than just shorts and flip-flops (so will delay getting dressed until the last minute).

Rob will be stressed as he'll have to give a speech later on and just to crank-up the pressure a little more - he is really funny, so expect a really good speech.

Everyone else though should have a nice relaxed morning. We shall be leaving Castello di Modanella for Lucignano (10 mins away) at 2.30pm for 3pm ceremony and then back to Castello di Modanella for a 'pair of teeth' or 'horses doofers' depending on your class. Then its time for some smiley happy photos, followed by a delicious meal, some talking from 3 nervous men, a bit of smoochy dancing, fun dancing and perhaps even a few power slides on the dance floor. I warn you though don't be too good at dancing otherwise Reeta (Bridesmaid) will challenge you to a dance-off.

Oh and not forgetting that the day will be interspersed regularly with the consumption of fine wine and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Finally, the official dancing has to stop at 2am however there is nothing stopping us continuing the party back at the apartments.

Saturday 9th June 2012

Resting aching heads!

Weather dependant, it will be a chilled out time again by the pool. For those whose energy levels are high, pool games will be the order of the day. Otherwise it might be an opportunity to go to the spa, shop – see Things to Do page.

We will provide snack stuff for lunch and then in the evening we’ll be having a Pizza night, well we are going to be in Italy after all!

Sunday 10th June 2012

It's been emotional!

This is the day that most people will be planning on returning back home, either thinking, “I'm glad that's over, I couldn't put up with them” or hopefully thinking “I've had a lovely time!”

In the morning for those who don't have to leave too early, we'll have some breakfast and wish you goodbye and thanks for coming.

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